How to Customize

Renzrags provides a range of customization choices to ensure the best fit.  All the necessary measurements are detailed on our product page.

To make these selections, simply choose "Free Custom" under the "PLEASE SELECT YOUR CUSTOMIZATION OPTION" section on the product page. Here's what you can choose:

  1. Bust, Waist, Hips: By entering your bust, waist, and hips measurements, we'll create a dress that fits you precisely, ensuring the best possible fit.

  2. Dress Length: You have the freedom to choose different lengths for the same dress, including knee length, tea length, ankle length, and floor length. Additionally, you can even add a tail to your dress, with options for 5" or 10" in length.

  3. Add-Ons: Enhance your dress with various add-ons. Choose to add pockets, a slit, or opt to eliminate a slit if the original dress design includes one.

  4. Bra Size: Provide your bra size, and we'll tailor the dress to match your bra cup size. For instance, if your body size is larger but you have a smaller bra cup, we'll use the smaller cup measurement. Similarly, if you're slim with a larger cup size, we'll accommodate that.

  5. Height with Shoes: Tell us your height with shoes on, and we'll determine the appropriate dress length based on this height measurement.

  6. Note: Utilize the note section to add any additional measurements you require, such as hollow to hem. Feel free to include any relevant information, such as if the dress is for a special occasion or if it's meant for a teenager, to ensure we pay specific attention to your preferences.

If you simply like the dress as is and need a quick and easy process, simply choose a standard size, and you will not be asked to fill the above information.