1. A Clothing Tape Measure.

2. 10 minutes.

3. Have someone assist you to perform measurements. (YOU CANNOT MEASURE ACCURATELY YOURSELF.)


1.Always stand straight with your heels together and arms down at your side while being measured.

2.Make sure the measuring tape is parallel to the floor and pulled evenly across the body with no slack. You may want to consider getting professionally measured.

3.Measurements should be against the body with undergarments(bra, slips) that will be worn with the dress during the event. do not measure over other clothing. Tape should be snug but not too tight.

4.Hollow to Hem. Wear shoes with the same heel height being worn in event to obtain measurement.

5. Are you pregnant OR are you a flower girl. Anticipate your growth and future size needs at time of event.


Bust-- Measure across the back and fullest part of the bust (not under the bust).

Waist-- Bend to one side to find the crease or natural waist. Measure across the narrowest part.

Hips-- Standing with feet together, measure at the fullest part of the hip.

Length from Hollow to Hem-- Measure from the center of the collarbone (Hollow) to the dress hem. (Note: The length is not measured starting from the garment neckline. Please wear shoes with the same heel height being worn in event to obtain measurement.) =================================================